Show #11 - October 10, 2005

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High Blood Glucose Levels in Early Pregnancy May Deprive Embryo of Oxygen and Lead to Birth Defects, Joslin Diabetes Center Study Shows

Generex Biotechnology Presents Clinical Trial Results at Scientific Symposia

Nerve Changes from Diabetes Begin Earlier Than Previously Known

Teacher Mistakes Boy's Insulin Pump for Phone, Rips It Out

Alcohol and Diabetes:
We strongly suggest that you discuss alcohol consumption with your medical staff. We do not advocate underage drinking.
Calories, Carbs, and Alcohol
Beer Calories, Carbs, and Alcohol Content
These sites have listings of various type of beers, with surprising carbohydrate (and calorie) listings for many popular beverages.
Liqueur Information
DrinksMixer detailed nutrition infomation of many name brand hard liqueurs.

Alcohol may increase delayed low blood sugar risk

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